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What preschool is all about


Art is an integral part of our curriculum as we are firm believers in the great impact that creativity has on fine motor skills and abstract thinking which lead to better problem solving skills. We work to unlock every learner's creativity and imagination. At our preschool we give learners a lot of opportunity to experiment with various art materials and creative ideas. Learners are given time to cut, paste, mould, build, paint, draw and let loose with their imagination!


At Royal Schools we have a lot of fun teaching learners how to bake. We taech them how to make and love healthy food such as salads. They also learn how to bake muffins, cupcakes, cakes, puddings and then they top it off by decorating their creations with icing, sprinkles and sweets!

Veggie Garden

How can one bake and make healthy things without the right ingredients? At Royal Schools we have our very own veggie garden where learners are taught about various plants and vegetables and how they grow. Our learners are actively involved in maintaining our garden by watering and getting rid of all those unwatend weeds. This also teaches our learners responsible

Tuck Shop

Parents can give learner tuckshop money for a treat at our tuck shop.

Fun Days

Hard work is rewarded with fun days! We like to dress up, watch movies, play on water slides or jump on a jumping castle. We also celebrate valentine's day, Easter, Spring day, Heritage day and many more


At Royal Schools we do not only teach our learners indoors, but outdoors as well. We take our leaners on various outings. Our outings are always the highlight of the year

Social Projects

At Royal School we believe in giving back to the community. We collect and distribute Easter eggs, tinned food and toiletries to various needy organisation.